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Whatsapp Business for Creatives…

Offer Chat and Messaging to your customers using YourBusinessNumber.

From copywriters and designers to artists, musicians and filmmakers, creatives are used to handling lots of incoming messages at any one time – and it can be overwhelming. Make life easier for yourself and create a better work-life balance with WhatsApp Business.

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Why would I need a second phone number?

Increasingly, creatives are turning to messaging services such as WhatsApp to talk in real time with their clients – and more clients than ever expect a professional, timely response when they choose to communicate via messaging apps. Setting up WhatsApp Business is an ideal way to provide just this – with a personalised business profile, away messages, and loads of tools to allow you to stay on top of incoming messages like the pro that you are.

If you already have WhatsApp Messenger set up for personal use, you’ll need a separate number for the Business app… and that’s where we come in. There’s no need to pay for a brand-new phone for work use – with YourBusinessNumber you can generate a unique UK mobile number in just three clicks. Simply download the WhatsApp Business App for free and use your new number to activate your account. It’s so easy!

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Creatives will love using the WhatsApp Business tools, including:

  • Your own business profile
  • Away and out of office messages
  • Automated greetings for clients
  • Display your work hours to protect your time
  • Keep your social and professional messages separate
  • Use labels to categorise messages by project or client
  • Silence your work number after 5pm
  • Maintain the privacy of your own mobile number
  • Sync with WhatsApp Web on your laptop
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Can I add this to my Instagram/Facebook?

You definitely should! Facebook attracts over 1.4 billion monthly active users, including loads of potential clients and customers for your creative services. Maintaining an up-to-date Facebook business profile and making it as easy as possible for clients to get in touch makes a good first impression and helps you to book those clients.

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Use cases for Creatives to use instant messaging at work:

  • Communicate with clients
  • Get feedback on projects
  • Ask clients for quick sign off
  • Answer queries
  • Schedule and confirm jobs
  • Advertise availability
  • Send videos, photos and audio files to clients
  • Upsell clients to premium services
  • Offer helpful tips
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Don’t just take our word for it.

Creatives everywhere are using YourBusinessNumber and business messaging apps.

Read our reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only use YBN for WhatsApp Business?

We currently support customers looking for a virtual number to get themselves verified on WhatsApp Business. Get your virtual number here.

Why do I need a second number for WhatsApp Business?

You need a second number for WhatsApp Business as you are not permitted to use the same number as your regular WhatsApp account. This would mean buying another phone with an extra monthly contract or pay as you go SIM. With YBN you can get that number to run your business through WhatsApp Business without having to buy a second phone and for a considerably cheaper price than another contract.

Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on same number?

No, it’s not possible to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number, but you can use your YBN number in the WhatsApp Business app and your personal number on WhatsApp - on the same phone. Get your virtual number here.

Can I use my YBN number for normal calls / texts?

YBN virtual numbers can only be used in messaging apps. The number attached to your SIM card is for normal calls and SMS messages. If someone places a normal call to your YBN virtual number, it gets forwarded to the SIM card mobile number you signed up with free of charge.

Is an eSIM the same as this product?

No. An eSIM is an embedded chip inside your phone that acts exactly like a traditional SIM card, removing the need for swapping SIM cards if you move networks. You can have more than one plan from different networks on an eSIM, but the drawback with this is that you can only use one network at a time. With a number from YBN, you don’t have the issue of using one at a time - you can use your business number in tandem with your personal number, whilst still being able to separate it out.

Can I have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business?

Yes, you can install both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business but you need a different number for each messaging app. YourBusinessNumber gives you a second virtual UK mobile number that allows you to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by clicking here. If you cancel your subscription your YBN number will be terminated.

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“I’m always looking for ways to make my job simpler.”

Simon uses YourBusinessNumber and WhatsApp Business and is already seeing a world of difference in his day-to-day.

“Being a designer, I seem to spend half of my day talking to my clients on email, which is incredibly frustrating considering I absolutely hate it! My passion is getting my head into Photoshop...

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