WhatsApp Business For Estate Agents

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WhatsApp Business for Estate Agents

Provide your lettings and sales agents with a business number to use with WhatsApp Business.

A new communication solution for estate agents

Did you know that 90% of clients prefer instant messaging chats as a way to communicate with estate agents?

From giving real-time information on properties, to confirming viewings and managing tenants, the WhatsApp Business App allows your agents to conveniently handle their clients, without using their own number or personal WhatsApp.

There’s no need to change every agent’s phone. Simply ask them to download the WhatsApp Business App for free and set them up with the numbers provided by YourBusinessNumber.

Read our Winkworth Estate Agent case study now.

WhatsApp Business offers significant benefits for estate agents in the UK by enhancing customer communication and engagement. It allows estate agents to provide instant responses to client inquiries, schedule viewings, and share property details through a platform that clients are already familiar with. This immediacy can significantly improve client satisfaction and streamline the process of buying or renting a property.

The catalogue feature within WhatsApp Business enables estate agents to showcase properties directly in the app, making it easy for potential buyers or renters to browse listings without navigating away from their conversations. Even better, the ability to send multimedia messages means agents can share photos, videos, and even virtual tour links, providing a richer and more convenient viewing experience for clients. Who needs Rightmove anyway?

WhatsApp Business also supports automated messaging, which can be used to confirm appointments, send reminders, or provide quick answers to frequently asked questions, ensuring that clients receive timely information even outside of office hours. The secure, encrypted nature of WhatsApp adds a layer of trust and privacy to communications, essential for handling sensitive client information.

WhatsApp Business helps estate agents build stronger relationships with clients, enhance their service offering, and ultimately drive more successful closed transactions.

The best WhatsApp Business features for Estate Agents include:

  • Business profiles, including contact info, services and office hours
  • Quick replies to answer FAQs
  • Away and out-of-office messages
  • Official auto-reply templates that are ‘on brand’
  • Customisable labels to categorise client chats
  • Keep agents’ personal numbers private
  • Provide better work-life balance for your agents
  • Keep professional chats ‘in house’
  • Maintain control over employees’ business numbers
  • Sync with WhatsApp Web on a laptop or computer
  • No need for a second work phone

Learn more about how to use WhatsApp Business to engage with your clients.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business for Estate Agents?

WhatsApp Business is becoming the must-have tool for agents to achieve their targets – whether that’s improving client relationships, closing more deals, or increasing productivity.

Achieve over 90% read rate on all delivered messages with WhatsApp Business.

Build stronger relationships with clients over time.

Reduce operational costs through switching from phone calls to WhatsApp messages.

Fit right into your buyers’ and sellers’ schedules and contact preferences.

Enjoy a higher confirmation rate compared to traditional methods of contact, as messaging apps are used constantly.

Comply with GDPR with secure end-to-end encryption.

Modernise your business by contacting clients in a more efficient way.

Improve your employees’ work-life balance by allowing them to switch off during leisure time and reduce the risk of burnout and overwhelm.

Where does YourBusinessNumber come in?

Important: Each WhatsApp Business account requires a new telephone number.

We provide you with as many numbers as you need with no need for a second handset, SIM cards or expensive phone contracts.

You own the numbers, so when agents join and leave the business, the chats are kept ‘in house’. You can even manage multiple WhatsApp Business numbers via our Teams platform!

Today your agents are using their own personal WhatsApp to deal with your clients. Take back ownership of the conversation.

Could we add WhatsApp as a contact option on our Estate Agent’s website?

Yes. 90% of website traffic is now mobile. Make it easier for your customers to contact you from your website with one click.

We can provide you with your own WhatsApp business short link to put into a one click button on your website. Give it a go below and see how easy it is to reach out.

Can we add WhatsApp Business to our Estate Agent’s Facebook Page?

Absolutely. Increasing numbers of home buyers and sellers are looking to social media platforms to find, research and contact estate agents in their areas. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your contact details up to date.

Facebook can be a major factor in generating new clients as well as keeping in touch with your current clients. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Estate agents of all shapes and sizes are using YourBusinessNumber and business messaging apps. Take a look at our reviews, and get your WhatsApp Business number sorted out today!


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George Lineker

The co-founder of YourBusinessNumber, George has a lasting interest in modern communications technology, and is an advocate of simple and easy to use tools for businesses of all sizes. He has a background in mobile telecom solutions along with qualifications in business and management support services.
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