The Best WhatsApp Business Tools To Try Out

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So – you’ve discovered the power of WhatsApp Business when connecting with your customers. The messaging app is personal, convenient, and quick – and research shows that customers love using it. 64% of users say that WhatsApp fosters a personal connection to companies, while 68% consider WhatsApp the easiest way to contact a business.

Did you know that there are many third-party marketing tools that can take your campaigns and customer service even further on WhatsApp Business? These third-party tools can help you to reach more customers, reply quicker, collect feedback, and market your services more effectively.

Discover our top must-have WhatsApp Business tools and how to incorporate them into your marketing and business comms strategy.

What are WhatsApp Business tools?

WhatsApp Business tools are add-on tools designed to help businesses to get the most out of their WhatsApp interactions with customers.

WhatsApp Business tools are useful for many industries, especially across sectors where fast, accurate, and effective communication is essential. These include sales, hospitality, eCommerce, and customer service.

The best marketing tools to integrate with WhatsApp Business

Landbot: An easy way to create a WhatsApp chatbot

Landbot allows businesses to create interactive conversational experiences on WhatsApp. The best bit? There’s no coding experience required. Landbot is simple to use, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can design flows with conditional logic, formulas, and embedded media.

WhatsApp Business Tools - Landbot


Why should businesses consider using a chatbot? In short, they save time and speed up communication for both customers and businesses. The use of chatbots has increased by 92% since 2019, with a huge number of customers willing to talk to chatbots. A chatbot can be available 24/7, so customers don’t have to wait to get their questions answered.

Chatbots can also allow businesses to reach more people and convert more leads. Research also suggests that 55% of companies that use chatbots are able to generate more high-quality leads.

Learn more about Landbot.

Callbell: To unify your customer support and sales queries

No matter how hardworking your team is, staying up to date across multiple messaging apps can be difficult. With communication happening across WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Telegram, it’s more important than ever to pull all your comms together into one place.

WhatsApp Business Tools - Callbell

Enter Callbell. This collaborative customer support tool integrates all the key messaging apps into one unified dashboard. Manage customer enquiries, conversations, and tickets in one place. The platform is designed for team collaboration, so multiple agents can work together to respond to messages. Callbell also offers analytics and reporting features, so you can track performance and measure customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Callbell.

Outside Voice: For collecting feedback and reviews

Anyone who’s tried to collect feedback through surveys and questionnaires knows that it can be tricky to get customers to engage. Outside Voice makes it easier than ever to collect verified photo and video reviews, along with customer survey information, directly within the WhatsApp app. Outside Voice is easy to use, allowing you to create a series of questions to send to your customer base.

WhatsApp Business Tools - Outside Voice

Knowledge truly is power, so customer feedback is vital for businesses to better understand their audiences and what makes them tick. WhatsApp is a much quicker, easier, and more accessible way to collect this information when compared to email or SMS – and they can share videos, photos, and voice notes, too.

Learn more about Outside Voice.

Joinchat: For lead capture on WordPress sites

Joinchat allows you to embed a direct contact button into your WordPress website so your customers can get in touch with you in just a few clicks.

WhatsApp Business Tools - Join Chat

Anything that makes it quicker and easier for customers to get in touch with you is likely to lead to more lead generation and better conversion rates. Widgets such as Joinchat are easy to set up and ready to collect chats in just a few simple steps.

Unlike regular web live chats, details are captured in the WhatsApp chat history, giving the customer service agent valuable information to continue the conversation. Normally, these details are lost when the customer abandons the web page.

Joinchat only works on WordPress websites, so if you use a different content management system, it’s worth exploring other options.

Learn more about Joinchat.

Wati: For bulk messaging your customer base

Wati is a WhatsApp API partner that allows you to communicate at scale, sending bulk messages and broadcasts to your customer base.

WhatsApp Business Tools - wati

Wati is user-friendly and easy to use, even for those with no technical experience. The interface is simple, with drag-and-drop options to help build marketing campaigns and no-code chatbots. If you’re a developer, the platform includes industry-standard dev tools to help you build custom solutions that fit your business needs.

Other solutions offered by Wati include 24/7 chatbots to answer queries, auto-notification when a human response is needed, team collaboration and organisation tools, and chat management to help your team stay across an influx of messages.

Learn more about Wati.

Gupshup: For building conversational experiences

Gupshup is a platform for effective conversational engagement across marketing, commerce, and support. The advanced AI platform offers frictionless, personalised journeys to your customer base.

WhatsApp Business Tools - gupshup

Gupshup supports conversational marketing by helping you to identify, segment, and optimise your messages to each individual customer. Once the customer is engaged, Gupshup helps to generate more leads, drive discovery, share catalogs, collect payments, and upsell or cross-sell, helping you to grow your revenue.

Gupship also provides powerful conversational customer support tools. You can leverage AI-powered chatbots and voice bots to cut down on the number of customer support tickets your team needs to pick up and provide the assistance your customers need quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Gupshup.

Statusbrew: For comprehensive social media comms management

Want to pull all your social media communications management, including WhatsApp Business, into one platform? You might want to consider Statusbrew. The service allows users to engage, publish, listen, report, collaborate, and advertise, all in one place.

WhatsApp Business Tools - statusbrew

Over 10,000 global brands already use Statusbrew, and it’s easy to see why. All the most popular social media networks are supported by the platform, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business. WhatsApp Business has also recently been integrated into the offering, so you can create a seamless customer communication experience, no matter how your audience chooses to get in touch.

Learn more about Statusbrew.

MoEngage: For insights-led customer engagement

MoEngage aims to empower marketers and small business owners with AI-driven insights to help take your customer engagement experiences to the next level.

WhatsApp Business Tools - moengage

Harnessing the power of AI predictions, MoEngage helps you to optimise your campaigns with the best-performing content, channel, and send time to make a great impression on your audience, every time. Their customer insights and analytics help remove the guesswork from your campaign strategy while creating seamless omnichannel experiences to effortlessly engage your customers just at the moment of maximum impact.

Learn more about MoEngage.

Cooby: For supercharging your productivity on WhatsApp Business

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to bring order to an overflowing WhatsApp inbox, you’ll want to check out Cooby. This WhatsApp Business productivity tool helps you stay on top of your messages and get the most you can out of your customer or colleague interactions.

WhatsApp Business Tools - cooby

With Cooby, you can organise your messages into custom tabs, send recurring messages quickly and easily, and set WhatsApp reminders so you’ll never forget to reply to a message again. You can also create private WhatsApp notes – useful to help you remember the context of conversations, or create action items to refer to later. You can also integrate Cooby with your CRM, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Learn more about Cooby.

Brevo: For building closer customer relationships

Formerly known as Sendinblue, Brevo has recently rebranded to reflect how the company has grown and developed over the last decade. The company began as a newsletter-sending service but has grown and expanded to become a comprehensive tool for building robust customer relationships on multiple platforms.

WhatsApp Business Tools - brevo

With Brevo, you can create compelling campaigns across email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Brevo’s comprehensive personalisation features allow you to accurately segment and target your audience, so you can maximise your reach and impact every time.

Brevo’s sales platform also allows for deal tracking, pipeline management, meeting booking and hosting, shared team inboxes, and advanced customer insights. Their transactional email platform provides reliable, secure newsletter scheduling services with embedded personalisation options.

Learn more about Brevo.

How can I get started with WhatsApp Business?

Ready to harness the power of WhatsApp Business? The good news is that it’s quick and easy to get set up, and you can even use your existing mobile – as long as you have a second virtual phone number to sign up for the app.

If you already have WhatsApp Messenger set up on your phone for talking to family and friends, you’ll need a second phone number to use for professional communications on WhatsApp Business.

At YourBusinessNumber, we offer a quick and easy solution. In just three clicks, you can generate your new mobile number and use it to register with WhatsApp Business. It’s cost-effective, flexible, and you can cancel any time. So what are you waiting for?

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