How To Add And Maintain Your WhatsApp Business Products and Catalog

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So you’ve set up your WhatsApp Business account, optimised your Profile and you’ve started connecting with customers. That’s great!

Now it’s time to create a user-friendly Catalog to display your products, services or items to your customers.

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Be Present For Your Customers

WhatsApp Business is increasingly pushing for businesses to engage customers directly on their platform, and buyer behaviour studies strongly back up this strategy.

Research from 2021 shows that 75% of customers now carry out purchases on their mobile devices (source: 1 “Mobile Commerce Sales in 2021,” Oberlo, 2021).

More customers than ever also use instant messaging apps, and expect to be able to interact through messaging with their favourite brands and retailers.

There’s never been a better time to create mobile-first, conversational shopping experiences that give your customers the convenience, clarity and speed that they want. Even if you don’t sell products directly, we strongly recommend that you complete your WhatsApp Business Profile with details of your services.

The best way to do this? Meet the WhatsApp Business Catalog – the perfect way to showcase and share your products and services directly through the WhatsApp Business app.

A Mobile Storefront

Your WhatsApp Catalog isa mobile storefront that your customers can browse at their leisure. This user-friendly, accessible business tool allows you to highlight everything your customers need to know about what you offer, including pricing, pictures and descriptions of your products and services.

Haven’t set up WhatsApp Business yet? Well, if you already have WhatsApp Messenger installed for personal use, you’ll need a second phone number for your separate WhatsApp Business app.

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How To Set Up A Catalog

It couldn’t be easier to set up your WhatsApp Business Catalog – just follow our simple steps below.

Open your WhatsApp Business app, go to Business Tools and select Catalog.

Add your first product or service

Click the plus icon to get started adding images of the products you wish to showcase. You can add up to 10 images at a time. Select images directly from your mobile’s gallery, or take and add new images if you prefer.

A top tip – make sure that the images that you choose really sell the product or service, appeal to your target market, and reflect your brand’s overall personality and style.

Add a name and description to your product or service

Choose a unique name that sets this product or service apart from other products or services that you may wish to include in the Catalog. Simple, easy-to-understand names work best and are most likely to grab the attention of potentially interested customers. You can also enter a brief description – try to keep it concise and to the point, while highlighting why your customer should purchase it.

Add extra information to your products or services

Add a web link, if needed, to give more context to a product or service. You can also include SKU codes to help keep track of your Catalog items.

Populate your Catalog with all your products or services

And that’s it! Once you’ve added all your products, services or items you can save the Catalog ready to be viewed by your customers.

A note for WhatsApp Cloud API users

Larger companies using the WhatsApp Cloud API can choose to connect their Facebook & Instagram product catalogues to their WhatsApp Business profiles – but unfortunately, this isn’t available to all WhatsApp Business users.

How To Use Your WhatsApp Catalogue

So now that your Catalog is set up beautifully, it’s time to put it to work!

Engage and drive customers to visit your Catalog

Invite new or existing contacts to browse through your Catalog items, or use your Catalog entries to give extra info on a product or service that you’re pitching to a new client.

Keep them updated

It’s quick and easy to edit the prices, pictures or descriptions in your Catalog, so keep them up-to-date to reflect your current offerings. You can also highlight special deals or offers in the description section.

Share products directly into chats so customers can spot them

Effortlessly share products or services from your Catalog in just a few clicks. Simply go to your Catalog, choose your product or service, then tap to forward the item. You can search for the group or individual chat that you want to share your Catalog item with, then tap send. The item will appear within the chat.

Why does my WhatsApp Catalog matter?

Meta are positioning WhatsApp Business as the de facto business communication tool, so it makes sense to get established sooner rather than later – and more customers than ever expect to be able to get in touch in the most convenient way for them. Don’t get left behind, set up your WhatsApp Business Catalog today!

Optimising Your WhatsApp Business Profile


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Get A Virtual Number Now!

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