WhatsApp Business For Consultants & Freelancers

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WhatsApp Business for Consultants & Freelancers

Improve every job with a dedicated new business number, and claw back some work-life balance even while you take control of your own income.

If you work for yourself, you already know how important it is to stay on top of your workload. With WhatsApp Business, you can make life easier for yourself and your clients – it’s a win-win.

Why do I need another number for my consultant or freelance business?

Clients increasingly want to get in touch with you via messaging apps like WhatsApp – but as you already use the Messenger app for your private chats, it can be difficult to stay on top of all those work messages, and even harder to draw a line between in and out of hours when a client sends “just a quick ask” at unlikely times. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this hard!

With YourBusinessNumber, you can set up both the WhatsApp Messenger app and the WhatsApp Business app on the same phone – without having to purchase a second handset and pay for another phone contract. We provide you with a unique, virtual UK mobile number that you can use to set up your Business app.

Getting started is easy. Simply download the WhatsApp Business app for free, generate your new number, and use it to activate the app.

Why use WhatsApp Business as a consultant or freelancer?

WhatsApp Business allows consultants and freelancers to provide instant responses to client queries, schedule meetings, and easily share project updates and deliverables through a platform that clients already use regularly. More immediate access as well as more conversational dialogue fosters better relationships and helps improve client satisfaction and retention.

Make the most of the built-in catalogue by showcasing typical services and packages or just your rates, letting prospects browse the options without getting out of “conversation mode.” Share documents, videos, presentation decks and more with built-in multimedia messaging, for instant discussions and tighter feedback loops with customer stakeholders.

There’s even an automated messages function for both greetings and out of office, for when you’re head down in a project, out of hours, or taking a well-earned actual break! Combine with WhatsApp’s native secure encryption taking care of most privacy needs, and you’ve got the perfect low-cost package for improving client relationships and delivering better project outcomes for everyone.

Take advantage of WhatsApp Business exclusive tools for freelancers:

  • Manage your personal Business Profile
  • Away Messages
  • Categorise and label messages to keep track easily
  • Separate your social life from your work life at a glance
  • Send automated greetings to clients
  • Set up out-of-office and away messages
  • Add social profile short links
  • Maintain the privacy of your own mobile number

Learn more about how WhatsApp Business helps you connect with clients.

Can I add this to my freelance or consultant Facebook Page?

Yes, you can! As Facebook attracts more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, including plenty of business owners and creatives, it’s a great idea to update your contact details with your new Business number.

Social media platforms such as Facebook are increasingly popular for generating new client leads and staying in touch with your current customer base.

How could I use messaging more in my consultancy or freelance work?

Successful consultants and freelancers use messaging to:

  • Get feedback and sign off quickly
  • Answer client queries
  • Confirm briefs and job bookings
  • Advertise availability of services
  • Offer helpful tips and expertise
  • Share images, video and audio with clients
  • Upsell clients to premium services

Don’t just take our word for it.

Consultants, freelancers and digital nomads around the UK are using YourBusinessNumber with business messaging apps. Take a look at our reviews, and get your WhatsApp Business number sorted out today!


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George Lineker

The co-founder of YourBusinessNumber, George has a lasting interest in modern communications technology, and is an advocate of simple and easy to use tools for businesses of all sizes. He has a background in mobile telecom solutions along with qualifications in business and management support services.
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