BlogAs Featured In Techcrunch - How We Verify WhatsApp Numbers

As Featured In Techcrunch - How We Verify WhatsApp Numbers

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YourBusinessNumber was recently featured on TechCrunch – read the full article here.

We’re proud to be the fastest, easiest and best value solution on the market – and our MoM growth of 30% speaks for itself.

As Meta continues to push the WhatsApp Business Directory feature, it’s increasingly crucial for businesses to get their “shop windows” set up on WhatsApp Business – or risk missing out in a big way

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With In-App Purchases and WhatsApp Business Pages exclusive to WhatsApp set to rival websites, it’s no longer enough to rely on Google and email alone to cut through the noise.

What does this mean for businesses? At a minimum, they’ll need a new phone number to create their unique ID to set up WhatsApp Business – and this can come with the unnecessary hassle and expense of multiple phone contracts, dual SIMs and second handsets.

That’s where YourBusinessNumber comes in. We offer a stress-free, simple solution to get you started. In just three clicks, we’ll generate your brand-new number ready for you to use for WhatsApp Business on your existing phone – cutting out the need for expensive second contracts and separate handsets.

In addition, we strip out data, minutes, texts, and use of apps or VOIP, and break the connection to WhatsApp if the business lapses in payment or breaks WhatsApp's terms and conditions, slowing down spammers and non-payers.

Female hands holding a phone with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business installed on it

So – how exactly do we verify WhatsApp numbers?

We’ve developed our own internal tools to ensure that your new Unique ID is verified by WhatsApp Business. Our system also creates a secure connection between the business owner’s personal number and the new WhatsApp Business number.

The result? You can seamlessly run your business from your existing mobile, while protecting the privacy of your own number and ensuring a separation between your personal and professional contact details.

We’re currently live in the UK and USA, but we have big global plans to solve this problem for others in more than 50 countries – including Brazil, India, the Philippines and Germany. We’re incredibly proud of our growth since our launch in June 2021, and we’re eager to offer our market-leading solution to millions more businesses around the globe in the near future. Watch this space!

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