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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only use YBN for WhatsApp Business?

No, you can use it for other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Viber. You can also use it to sign up other apps such as Uber or Deliveroo.

Why do I need a second number for WhatsApp Business?

You need a second number for WhatsApp Business as you are not permitted to use the same number as your regular WhatsApp account. This would mean buying another phone with an extra monthly contract or pay as you go SIM. With YBN you can get that number to run your business through WhatsApp Business without having to buy a second phone and for a considerably cheaper price than another contract.

Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on same number?

No, it’s not possible to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone. You can only use one number per account.

Can I use my YBN number for normal calls / texts?

YBN numbers can only be used in messaging apps. The number attached to your sim card is for normal calls and SMS messages. If someone places a normal call to your YBN number it gets forwarded to the mobile number you signed up with (your main number) and you have a talk time of up to 1 minute.

Is an eSIM the same as this product?

No. An eSIM is an embedded chip inside your phone that acts exactly like a traditional SIM card, removing the need for swapping SIM cards if you move networks. You can have more than one plan from different networks on an eSIM, but the drawback with this is that you can only use one network at a time. With a number from YBN, you don’t have the issue of using one at a time - you can use your business number in tandem with your personal number, whilst still being able to separate it out.

Can I have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business?

Yes, you can have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business but as stated above you need a different number for each WhatsApp and would therefore need to buy another phone with another SIM. YourBusinessNumber gives you a UK mobile number that allows you to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by clicking here. If you cancel your subscription your YBN number will be terminated.

Can I make WhatsApp calls and video calls?

Yes, you can make WhatsApp calls and video calls from your YBN number to both UK numbers and international numbers if who you’re making a call to has your number saved.

Is a WhatsApp Business account safe?

Yes, WhatsApp Business is very safe, just like WhatsApp you need a verification code that you need to put in to open your account on the app, the chats are also encrypted.

How do I use WhatsApp with a different number?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are both messaging apps, however you cannot use the same number with both apps so the alternative would be to buy another phone with another contract or Pay-As-You-Go SIM, which can get expensive. YourBusinessNumber allows you to use WhatsApp Business on the same phone as your normal WhatApp as the verification code you get from WhatsApp Business gets sent to the number you signed up to YBN with.

What are the advantages of using WhatsApp Business?

The advantages to using WhatsApp Business, especially if you run your own small business, you’re self-employed or you are in sales is that you can separate your work life from your social life by essentially having all your work calls and messages in a different app allowing you to be more organised. WhatsApp Business also has a built in API which helps businesses in terms of verification, showing where they’re located, appointment reminders and shipping alerts, it’s also great for running the customer service for your business - people are on WhatsApp all day so it makes it very convenient.

Can I edit my personal and billing details to pay for YBN?

Yes. Please click here.

How do I download WhatsApp business on my phone?

You can download WhatsApp Business onto your phone from either the iOS Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Can I bring my own number over to YourBusinessNumber?

Yes! This is called porting. If you want to use a number you already own and use, then we can port your number for you - totally free of charge. First you need to sign up here. Then please email us with the YBN number you have been given, the mobile number you want to port and the PAC code (you can get this from your current network provider).

Is Dual Sim is the same as this product?

In short, no. There are plenty of reasons why dual SIM is not the same as YBN, including:

Dual SIM is what it says on the tin - it is two SIM cards in your phone, which means you have to own a phone with a dual SIM in the first place to be able to operate two numbers. YBN works with any smartphone, removing the need for a dual SIM phone.

Dual SIM phones are notorious for poor battery life. As above, YBN works with any smartphone, removing any battery life issues that come with a Dual SIM phone.

Dual SIM phones emit double the radiation that a normal smartphone would emit, since two SIM cards are at play. Using a number with YBN would remove the double radiation issue - and in an ever-increasingly environmentally conscious world, this is worth thinking about.

Dual SIM phones can have connectivity issues, since two SIM cards are in close proximity to each other. With YBN, you would not encounter these issues.

With a Dual SIM phone, you could mistakenly use data on the incorrect SIM, thus potentially incurring unnecessary charges. With YBN, by clearly spitting your home life and your work life, you can avoid these unnecessary charges.

Does each number only work on one device?

The number if used with messaging apps like WhatsApp Business App, will only work with one installation of the app at one time.

If a member of staff who is managing one of the numbers on their phone leaves the company, how do we go about claiming the number back?

Yes, no problem. We see this a lot with customers purchasing multiple numbers. As a business owner you should always sign up for each number using your central email/phone number - so you can control the accounts. You can have multiple numbers with us using the same email. If a person leaves, you would be able to put the purchased number into a new WhatsApp instance and WhatsApp would send you a new code - thus canceling it on the leaving staff members instance.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are both messaging apps, but WhatsApp Business has a built in API that is aimed at small business owners, and its purpose is to connect businesses to customers rather than friends and family. With WhatsApp Business you can also create a business profile and provide information like a business description, website and address.

Is there a minimum contract or can you cancel anytime after you sign up?

No, there's no minimum contract - if you sign up and at some point for whatever reason you no longer need a number just cancel with nothing to pay.

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