Using WhatsApp With A Landline Number

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Using WhatsApp With A Landline Number

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Business with a landline number? The short answer is yes – but there are some drawbacks you should be aware of before you choose this option.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps around the world, along with WhatsApp Business, a separate app designed specifically for professional use. WhatsApp only allows users to register one account with each unique phone number. So what should you do if you want to create a second WhatsApp account, and your mobile number is already taken?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using WhatsApp with a landline number. We’ll explain how registering works when you’re using a landline number, what the potential problems are, and why using a second virtual phone number to set up WhatsApp Business is a much better solution.

Can I use WhatsApp with a landline number?

Yes, you can register a WhatsApp Business account using a landline number. Currently you can’t use a landline number to register a WhatsApp Messenger account.

There are several differences between the WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business apps. WhatsApp Messenger is designed for private use, while WhatsApp Business is packed with tools and features aimed at professionals and businesses.

Why would you want to use WhatsApp Business with a landline number?

It’s very common to have two WhatsApp accounts to cater to different needs. For example, you could use your WhatsApp Messenger app to chat to friends and family, while using your WhatsApp Business app to talk to professional contacts only.

As it’s only possible to register one WhatsApp account per unique number, many people need to use a second number to register with their new WhatsApp account. That’s where landlines come in – although they do come with drawbacks, as discussed below.

Luckily, there are flexible, cost-effective alternatives to using a landline number for WhatsApp Business which are specifically designed for the needs of small-to-medium businesses. These include second virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp from providers such as YourBusinessNumber.

How to register a WhatsApp Business account with a landline number

The process of registering a landline number with WhatsApp Business is very similar to registering a mobile number or a second virtual phone number. The only difference is that with a landline, you’ll need to request a phone call to receive the registration code that you’d usually get sent to you via SMS.

Follow these steps to create a WhatsApp Business account with a landline:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. Open the app and enter your phone number. First, choose the correct country from the drop-down list. Your country code will automatically fill in on the left-hand side.
  3. Next, enter your phone number into the correct field, without the 0 at the front of the number.
  4. Choose Done.
  5. Tap Call Me to request a phone call with your registration code.
  6. Listen to the code that is given to you on the phone call, then enter the 6-digit registration code into the app.
  7. Enjoy using WhatsApp Business!

What are the problems with using WhatsApp Business with a landline number?

Before you choose to use your landline number to register with WhatsApp Business, it’s worth considering the downsides to setting up your account in this way. There are several drawbacks to using your landline number for WhatsApp.

Not everyone has a landline number

You can only register for a WhatsApp account with a landline number that you own. If you work from home as a freelancer or are a self-employed owner of a small business, you may not have a landline number to use for WhatsApp. These days, many people opt to use their mobile number for all phone communications. If you don’t already pay for a landline service through your phone or broadband provider, this could create unnecessary hassle for you, as well as potentially generating additional monthly costs.

You’ll need to be able to receive phone calls on your landline number

In order to receive the registration code to set up your account, your landline number needs to be able to receive phone calls or SMS messages. This means you’ll need a working landline phone in order to set up your account. If you don’t want to invest in a new landline phone, a second virtual phone number could be a good alternative.

You can’t use landline extension numbers for WhatsApp

It’s not possible to use a landline number with an extension to register for WhatsApp Business. If your company uses extension numbers because you have a shared root landline number, this could be an issue when trying to register for a new WhatsApp Business account.

You can only use WhatsApp Business with a landline number

Landline numbers can only be used to register with the WhatsApp Business app. WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t currently support registrations using landline numbers, so if you want to use your landline number for personal chats, this could cause problems.

What are the alternatives to registering for WhatsApp Business with a landline number?

The best solution when you need a second mobile phone number for WhatsApp Business? Using a trusted virtual phone number provider such as us.

Within minutes you can get a unique second mobile phone number that you can use to register quickly and easily with WhatsApp Business. You won’t have to purchase a second handset or agree to be locked into a new mobile phone contract. Enjoy low-cost prices and flexible rolling contracts that you can cancel anytime.

How can I get started on WhatsApp Business with YourBusinessNumber?

At YourBusinessNumber, we make it quick and easy to harness the incredible power of WhatsApp Business.

If you already use WhatsApp Messenger to contact family and friends, you’ll need a second virtual phone number to verify your new business account and run both apps on the same phone.

Think that sounds tricky to set up? Think again. We generate your brand new unique number in just three clicks and send it to you via SMS. You can then use this number to set up your business account.

If you need help at any point in the process, our comprehensive customer support will help you get back on track. Plus, with cost-effective, stress-free and flexible plans, you’re in complete control.


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