Blog1 in 3 Property Professionals Reached Breaking Point Over The Pandemic

1 in 3 Property Professionals Reached Breaking Point Over The Pandemic

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In recent years, mental health and the overall welfare of workers has finally become the talking point that it rightfully deserves to be – but our research has shown that companies still aren’t going far enough to prevent burnout and fatigue among their employees.

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Shockingly, the picture we uncovered showed that 1 in 3 property professionals had simply reached breaking point over the last two years, requiring time off work to recover from workplace fatigue and burnout.

During the pandemic, many property professionals faced unprecedented levels of strain, with massively increased workloads coming at a time of collective stress for the nation.

Surveying The Property Sector

I tasked the YourBusinessNumber team with carrying out a survey, aiming to capture an accurate picture of how the pandemic affected those in the property sector – and the results were concerning.

We found that 30% of respondents had taken time off in the last two years to recover from fatigue or burnout that wasn’t related to physical illness.

Of these, a quarter needed one day out of action to recover, while 25% took two days off.

More worryingly, as many as 17% required five to seven days out of the office, while a further 13% said they needed to be off for over a week to recoup.

Thankfully, for 48%, this burnout occurred only once a year. However, 28% took time out to recover twice in a single year, while 17% said they suffered three to five times a year. 7% of those surveyed took time off more than five times a year due to burnout.

What Causes Employee Burnout, And How Can We Help?

So, what exactly is causing these issues in employees?

Top of the list was heavy and unrelenting workloads which required longer working hours to navigate, coupled with a lack of clear boundaries between personal and professional lives.

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Among the other contributing factors – dealing directly with clients, and challenging workplace expectations such as hitting demanding sales targets.

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So, what can employers do to help professionals to thrive?

To start, encouraging clear boundaries between work hours and leisure time can allow employees to feel more in control and able to ‘switch off’ at the end of a grueling work day.

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Secondly, with loads of organizational tools included in WhatsApp Business, workers can make interacting with clients and staying on top of communication much easier – while allowing the mental space to really relax when they’re on annual leave or spending time with their friends or families. It’s a win-win.

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