YourBusinessNumber vs Hushed Number For Whatsapp

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YourBusinessNumber vs Hushed Number For Whatsapp

Trying to choose between YourBusinessNumber or Hushed Number for WhatsApp when planning how to make use of your second virtual phone number? It’s worth considering the differences in functionality and user base between these two offerings before making a decision on how you can make the most of WhatsApp Business for your needs.

We’ll admit we’re a tad biased here (duh!) but let’s take a look at the key differences so it’s all laid out…

What is a Hushed number?

The Hushed app is a dedicated private number phone app. In order to use a Hushed number for calls and SMS messages, you need to open up the app and use their in-app tools.

Calls and messages that are made using the app will appear to come from your ‘hushed’ second phone number. Hushed numbers only work through the app.

Hushed offers a solution to run two separate phone numbers on a single phone. The app is aimed at people who want to conceal their primary phone number from the people they’re interacting with.

Benefits of Hushed Number

  • Aimed at those looking to create multiple ‘identities’ through phone numbers
  • Flexible plans including pre-paid, pay-as-you-go or unlimited subscriptions
  • Dispose of numbers at any time
  • Allows you to call and message others using an untraceable number

Find out more about Hushed Number.

What is YourBusinessNumber?

YourBusinessNumber also offers a solution for running two phone numbers on a single device – but with no separate app required! It’s designed for business owners who want to set up a dedicated professional phone number to use for their communication strategies.

When you sign up with YourBusinessNumber, you’ll receive a unique second virtual phone number in minutes. You can use this to verify the WhatsApp Business app to contact your colleagues and customers.

You can also run WhatsApp Messenger on the same device using your original phone number. This means you can keep your personal and professional contacts separate, reducing the risk of accidentally sending a personal message to a private contact – an easy mistake to make when your contacts are mixed up in one app!

A second professional number also helps you to protect your work-life balance. You’ll have control over when you choose to check your WhatsApp Business account, and when to set your out-of-office hours. WhatsApp Business includes automatic away messages so you can relax while knowing that your customers’ expectations are being managed.

A second virtual phone number from YourBusinessNumber is the ideal way to keep your personal number private, while giving your customers a professional, dedicated number to get in touch with you directly.

Benefits of YourBusinessNumber

  • Aimed at small-to-medium business owners who want to separate their professional and personal phone contacts
  • Flexible, affordable, pay-as-you-go monthly fee
  • Cancel any time
  • Install both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone
  • Securely receive SMS and phone calls from customers
  • Eliminates the need for a second device for work
  • Access your new second phone number in just a few easy steps
  • Easily manage your number from an online dashboard
  • An easy to use Teams option for multiple numbers

Who is YourBusinessNumber used by?

YourBusinessNumber is used by a wide range of professional companies. It forms a key part of their business communications strategies and is perfect for small-to-medium businesses, from independent consultants and freelancers through to estate agents, beauticians, and anyone else who can benefit from using a second virtual phone number. It also helps employees who regularly work from home to improve their work-life balance by allowing them to protect their leisure time.

How can I get started with WhatsApp Business?

It’s quick and easy to get up and running with YourBusinessNumber. We’ll generate your new virtual phone number in just a few clicks and send it directly to you via SMS – so you can instantly unlock the power of WhatsApp Business.

And, if you need an extra helping hand, our friendly customer support team is always on hand to answer any questions. No reason to stay hushed about that, eh?


Picture of George Lineker

George Lineker

The co-founder of YourBusinessNumber, George has a lasting interest in modern communications technology, and is an advocate of simple and easy to use tools for businesses of all sizes. He has a background in mobile telecom solutions along with qualifications in business and management support services.
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