WhatsApp Business Statistics: Why Businesses Love It

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Why WhatsApp Business - key statistics

Why are companies around the world so in love with WhatsApp? Let’s take a look at some key WhatsApp Business statistics to find out why this tool is taking the business world by storm when it comes to easy and accessible communication with customers and clients.

WhatsApp Business statistics

WhatsApp reaches people

When it comes to reaching an audience (and your customers especially), WhatsApp Business just works. A whopping 80% of WhatsApp messages get seen within just 5 minutes of sending, and 68% of WhatsApp users say that the platform is actually the easiest way of contacting a business they need to reach, rather than email or even phone.

In fact 175 million people a day contact a business via WhatsApp, and 40 million people a month use WhatsApp specifically to view products (this is why catalogues are so useful). WhatsApp is actually one of the top four most popular platforms that consumers use to explore new products and services, including locally.

Everyone already loves messaging apps

An astonishing 83% of consumers already use messaging apps of some form to contact a business to learn about its products and services. 75% of them are already purchasing after using a messaging app, which is a pretty darn good conversion measure. More tellingly, 67% of people already expect to be able to use some kind of messaging app in order to chat to a business, rather than being expected to email or phone.

WhatsApp Business is taking off

With 292 million downloads in 2022 and now boasting more than 50 million users worldwide, WhatsApp Business is becoming a firm fixture in the communications space. It helped companies to generate $1.2 billion (roughly £989 million) in business in 2021, and consumer spending efforts for 2024 are already forecast to reach $3.6 billion (around £2.8 billion).

So, using WhatsApp Business offers huge benefits to the bottom line already – and it makes for happier customers, too. Companies using WAB report being able to deliver 225% faster customer service responses, resulting in a 27% increase in sales and a 20% improvement in conversion rate overall. Those are some numbers worth getting excited about!

WhatsApp vs Email

Even that old stalwart of business communication, the email, is losing out compared to WhatsApp. 65% of people say they feel more confident messaging a business rather than sending an email. The open rate of the average WhatsApp message is an astonishing 98%, compared with a ballpark 23% on most email campaigns. Even better, conversion rates absolutely soar: WhatsApp messages convert at around 57% while email conversion rate still lags at a comparatively modest 10%.

Users just plain prefer WhatsApp

Hands down, people just prefer to use WhatsApp to most other forms of communication with businesses. 39% prefer it for customer service contacts, and 54% to track orders and deliveries. An enormous 64% of consumers say they like to use WhatsApp to get a personal connection to a business, and 33% would prefer to use it when they want to get a question answered quickly.

With all these WhatsApp Business statistics showing the benefits and preferences of customers and clients, why would you possibly wait to get on board? Effortlessly manage two WhatsApp accounts on one device with our easy virtual number solution and start reaping the benefits for your business from today.

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