How To Use WhatsApp Business QR Codes & Short Links

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Why you need to use WhatsApp Business QR codes & Short Links

Want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch? Enter: Short Links.

These URLs or QR codes allow your customers to start a chat with you on WhatsApp Business instantly. And the good news? They’re super easy to set up.

Join us as we walk you through the benefits of using Short Links for you and your clients, plus how to get started.

WhatsApp Business Short Links offer a quick and easy way to connect your customers directly with you, without entering phone numbers or creating new contacts on their phones. They can get in touch in just one click.

When your customer clicks the Short Link on any device that has WhatsApp installed, a chat will automatically be created between you and them. If they click the Short Link on a web browser, they’ll be able to view a web page showing your business information, along with your default message (if you’ve chosen to set one up).

Here’s an example link that will connect you with Your Business Number. Tap/click here or scan the QR code to see how you a Short Link in action! (don’t worry, you won’t send a message unless you hit “Send”)

A QR Code to contact YBN

  • Make starting conversations easier

Short Links make getting in touch with your customer service team much easier, and the more barriers you can remove to a client getting in touch, the more likely you are to land the sale or lead.

  • Save time

Short Links save time both for you and your customer. By encouraging clients to get in touch on WhatsApp Business rather than through phone calls or email, your customer service team can save time and energy as they work through the messages.

What’s more, your customers save the time they might have spent looking up contact details and entering phone numbers manually by using just one ‘click to chat’.

  • Include FAQs

With Short Links, you can pre-populate the text field with a default message. This allows you to anticipate your customer’s commonly asked questions ahead of time and make

  • Boost credibility

With so many big companies using WhatsApp Business Short Links to enhance their customer service interactions and many clients expecting to be able to get in touch quickly and easily, implementing Short Links is an excellent way to build credibility and trust with potential customers and make a great first impression.

Excited to customize your Short Link? Let’s get started.

When you create a WhatsApp Business account, a short link is automatically generated for you. You can access it like this:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business App
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click Business Tools
  4. Tap Short Link

You’ll be able to see the Short Link under your business name. Once you’ve accessed it, try the following:

  1. Tapping Copy Link to copy and paste the link to your website, Facebook page or another URL
  2. Tapping Share Link to send the link over to your customers, allowing them to message you directly
  3. Creating a custom default message for customers to edit and send you when they open the short link

Want to create more free custom Short Links? We recommend using

Short Links make it incredibly easy for customers to reach out to your business with just one click – and the customisable text input field makes this a great tool for common questions or inquiries.

If you have a website, you could create a custom short link pre-populated based on the specific web page they are visiting. For example:

“I am keen to enquire about your window fitting service”

“Can I arrange a property viewing?”

“Please can you confirm your opening times today?”

“I would like to request a call back”

“When is your earliest availability?”

“I would like to book a consultation”

And many more!

As more and more businesses start to use messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Meta is also pushing to make WhatsApp Business the de facto business communication tool – so it makes sense to get up and running as soon as possible.

WhatsApp Short Links are one of the many tools available on WhatsApp Business that can improve your customer service and relations, as well as helping you secure new clients in the first place. Harness the power of WhatsApp Short Links and watch your business soar.

Our key conclusion? It’s time to make WhatsApp Short Links work for you. Get set up today and see how you can make your interactions a seamless experience every time.

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