Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Are Coming To The Same Phone

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Multiple Whatsapp Accounts Are Coming To The Same Phone

If you want to access two different WhatsApp accounts from the same phone, you’re in luck. WhatsApp just released a feature that will allow you to switch between two accounts on Android without needing to log in and out each time. The feature isn’t currently available on Apple devices, but as soon as multiple WhatsApp accounts rolls out to iOS we will be sure to update this blog.

It’s great news for anyone who uses more than one account for WhatsApp Messenger and wants to keep each account separate, such as for work and personal contacts.

The catch? You’ll still need a second phone number to set up two separate WhatsApp accounts, and you can’t use the feature with WhatsApp Business.

Read on to discover how to add a second WhatsApp account to your phone, the pros and cons of having multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, and how YourBusinessNumber makes it easy to get a virtual second phone number to set up your WhatsApp Business account.

How to add a second WhatsApp account to your phone

Firstly, you’ll need a second phone number and SIM card (or a mobile that accepts multi-SIM or eSIM). You’ll need this to receive the one-time passcode from WhatsApp via SMS that you’ll use to verify the account. After this, the app will work on both accounts without the second device or SIM card. Alternatively, for a SIM-switching free way to have two WhatsApp accounts, use our solution!

  1. Open WhatsApp settings
  2. Click on the arrow next to your name
  3. Choose “Add Account”

You can change your privacy and notification settings on each account.

What are the pros and cons of having multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?

There are several benefits and drawbacks to the new feature from WhatsApp.


Allows you to access multiple accounts from one phone

Want to keep two accounts separate on WhatsApp Messenger? Perhaps you want to separate your work and private contacts to avoid miscommunication, or to improve your work-life balance? With the multiple account feature, you can do just that – and you can still use the convenience of YourBusinessNumber’s second number service even if the second account is on regular WhatsApp Messenger, rather than WhatsApp Business!

No need to log in and out each time

The new feature makes it quick and easy to switch between accounts, eliminating the time required to log out of your primary account and log into your second account.


Currently only available on Android

WhatsApp’s new multiple account feature is currently only available on Android devices. WhatsApp hasn’t announced whether they are rolling the feature out on iPhone yet, although this is likely.

Requires a second phone number and SIM card

To set up two WhatsApp accounts on the Messenger app, you’ll need a second phone number and SIM card in order to verify the account (or a mobile that accepts e-SIM or dual SIM).

Not available for WhatsApp Business

The new feature is only available on WhatsApp Messenger, not the WhatsApp Business app. If you use WhatsApp for work, we would still recommend that you create and verify a Business Profile on the WhatsApp Business app which includes an array of exclusive tools for customer communication such as a Business Profile, Catalogues, Quick Replies, Labels, or QR Codes and Short Links.

How can I get WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone?

It’s easy with YourBusinessNumber! You’re only a few clicks away from accessing your second virtual phone number, with no need for a second mobile handset, fiddling about with extra SIMs, or any other work to get your messages moving.

Once you generate your new number, we’ll send it to you immediately via SMS so you can verify your new, second WhatsApp account on the same phone.

The result? You’ll be able to harness the power of double WhatsApp and make the most of all the brilliant features on offer, designed specifically to enhance your company (and personal!) comms strategy.

And with comprehensive customer support and low-cost, flexible contracts, you’ll be in complete control every step of the way. There’s no need to wait a moment longer to unlock the power of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Generate your new business number today.


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